Cairn O Mohr – Scottish Fruit Wine

Famous Cairn o’ Mohr Scottish Wine

The Cairn o’ Mohr Way

Set amongst the rich fields and the hedge fringed country roads of the Carse of Gowrie, Perthshire there’s this strange Scottish winery.

Since 1987 the Cairn o' Mohr Winery has been brewing up juicy-fruity, berry loaded, blossom scented, leafy layered, award winning country wines, using the berries for which this area is famous, wild flowers, roots and leaves.

Fruit wines, sparkling wines, ciders, fruit punches, apples and bourtree juices and other stuffage using near anything that grows. Owners Ron and Judith Gillies believe in sourcing locally and living in an area flush with wild ingredients and some of the best fruit in the world. It’s all there for the picking.

At the winery they use local ingredients, most of which are picked within a 25 mile radius, because these are available fresh and of the highest quality. Perthshire raspberries are famous the world over and hundreds of acres of strawberries and other fruits are also grown in the area. As for the elderberries, they have their own plantation on the farm but will still go out and pick a lot of wild stuff to help fill the tanks.

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Our fruit wines are all made in the traditional and proper way of fermentation followed by at least a year of maturation. This gives our wines real vinosity and smooth well developed flavours

We started with our core range of five types; Strawberry, Raspberry, Bramble, Elderberry and Oak Leaf, then added the Sparkling Oak & Elder for our own wedding followed by the Sparkling Strawberry for someone else’s wedding.

Various local farmers phoning us up to find a home for spare fruit prompted the introduction of limited editions blends such as; Clever Currant, Cheery Currant, and Shrubbery.

Seasonal urges drove us to produce a Raspberry/Strawberry blend, the Berry Up, for the Summer, and in the winter the Mulled Elderberry and Berry Christmas.

We also make the odd traditional wine such as Rhubarb and every now and again we’ll create an ‘Experimental’ just to keep things interesting at our end 'ye ken'! We’re still home winemakers at heart.

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