FLAVOUR magic* – Seasoning & Spices

Ever cook with fresh seasonal produce..?

We strive to provide a range of seasoning's that work in harmony with your local produce. Enhance delicate natural flavours & giving them a magical flavoursome touch.

View our rich selection of premium specialty rock salts, with an emphasis on superior quality, exceptional value. Every effort is made to demonstrate this in our actions from choosing ethically responsible both fairtrade and organic suppliers, even the packaging is fully biodegradable.

We take a lot of pride in producing seasonings that reflect the inner chef/cook in your home but please always remember that our pouches of salt are what they say “full flavour behaviour” this means a little amount can go a long way.

So use our slim line stainless steel thumb grinders to add flavour to your meal but at the same time watching your daily intake of salt. (1/4 teaspoon)

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Click on the image below to view our leaflet detailing our rub flavours

Click on the image below to view our leaflet detailing our rock salt flavours