Thistly Cross – Scottish Cider

Award-winning Scottish Farmhouse Cider

Born out of a passion for making cider in the best possible way, .

Combined with belief in the quality of Scottish produce, and asking ‘why not?’, came Thistly Cross Cider; Scotland’s award winning farmhouse ciders. Established as a collaboration between farmer, Ian Rennie, and artist-turned-cidermaker, Peter Stuart, in 2008, Thistly Cross has gained a reputation for making ciders that people rave about.

Based at the Cider Shed on South Belton Farm, in the heart of the East Lothian countryside, they are involved in every aspect of making the award-winning Scottish farmhouse cider. From pressing the Scottish apples and strawberries, to achieving the smooth, balanced Thistly Cross flavour by fermenting with Champagne yeast then maturing for six months; they are invested at every step of the cider-making process, from apple to cider.

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Things at Thistly Cross are always growing and improving; They are beginning to shape the company Peter and Ian dreamed of when standing in the driving rain at the Farmers Markets imploring people to just give their cider a chance. It was the best market research money couldn’t buy. Now, just over half a decade on, They are still small but growing fast, always aiming high but keeping thier core values at heart; quality is never compromised.

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