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A modern craft brewery on the shores of the Moray Firth in the North of Scotland .

Beautiful beaches, a great climate, superb golf courses, fishing, nearby mountains and the world's best whisky, the Moray Coast is a great place to live. Now, Windswept Brewing Co Ltd have added award winning local ales to the list of Moray's attractions.

Windswept Brewing Co produce modern and contemporary ales, hand crafted for exceptional taste. They only use the freshest natural ingredients and never use Isinglass finings in the beers, making them suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Brewing started in late 2012, and less than a year later Windswept Brewing Co Ltd were awarded Gold Medals for APA and Wolf as the Best Strong Bitter and Best Premium Strong Beers in Scotland by the Society of Independent Brewers. APA then went on to win Bronze in the SIBA national championships at Beer X. They have also been named the best new brewery in Scotland 2013 by RateBeer.

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The finest British malt barley and wheat is used to produce our beer. A good soak in the mash tun releases all the sugars, ready for conversion to beer.

Hops provide the fabulous aromas of citrus, pine and tropical fruits in our beers. They also provide bitterness and help preserve the beer.

Trillions of tiny yeast cells provide the magic as they convert sugars into alcohol and CO2 gas. We love these little critters, and only brew with fresh wet yeast.
This is a very tasty Belgian beer, the yeast adds incredible depth to the flavour.

Scottish Water
Speysides water makes the finest whisky in the world, we think it also makes the finest beers.

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